December 30, 2005

this communion of saints...

Recently while talking with Geoff I realized how fortunate I am to have made friends with so many wonderful folks throughout this city. I've learned so much from each of you. It has made me start considering something that several of us have hinted at here and there in this last year and I'm wondering if we might actually do something about it this coming year.

1) What would it look like if were deliberate about finding a way for us to support each other, learn from each other and befriend each other?

2) What are the ways that we could do this realistically-not distracting us from our particular mission/call/vocation/whatever you want to call it?

I invite all the locals that stop by here to dream and think outloud in the comments of this post. (I would certainly hope that you all would know who you are) Feel free to pass along a link to this or even copy the contents into emails. Let's see if we can gather some thoughts on this since so many keep making some kind of mention of this in different situations.

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