May 5, 2006

the playhouse...

I've been thinking about my kids playhouse today. I have some things I want to finish on it and it's bugging me that it's not totally finished. I've posted the photos I have of the building of this cool little project over here. I give the blow by blow of how we built it. It was really cool to design and build. Dave, my father in law, and I did the whole thing. We had to figure out a way to build this off site and reassemble it at my place. We built it at Dave and Kitty's place. We also had to figure out a way to make it 1) a totally enclosed playhouse below that could hold that weight of a "pirate" deck/fort above. The deck drains directly below to a draining deck below that is above the ceiling of the playhouse. Serious project. And the thing is friggin' solid! It now has a slide on one side, a pirate flag and I need to finish the staircase. This is probably the building project I'm most proud of... I don't know why but I really loved doing this for my kids.

Cinco de Mayo party tonight at our place. See you there.

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