August 8, 2006


We speak with smiles about "reforming" the Church for today or seeing a "revolution" happen in the church. Are you really ready for that? Have you read history? Do you recall how bloody and deadly reformations and revolutions can be? Do you have the spine to really bring that on? Do you think the church can survive that kind of thing? ... I don't know.

I recently was interviewed for a thesis paper someone was writing for a theological degree. They asked me if I had given up on the Church. I said, "No." He then asked me if I thought the Church can survive... I took a long breath and said, "No."

I recently listened to a speaker talk about dying to false hopes. "If we get over our hopes in things that just aren't going to happen," he said, "we can move more fully into participating in those things that will." We become alive to the new opportunities.

"What!? God wouldn't do that!" No, our Creator probably wouldn't. But we would. And as he let Israeal implode on itself, he will let the church do the same.

That said, I'm convinced the Kingdom will live and it will come more fully.

Note to self: The church is going to die. Get over it. Get on with participating in the kingdom coming.

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