January 26, 2007

thank you

I appreciate all the kind words in comments, phone calls and e-mails. I told a friend that called yesterday, "I am down, but more than that I think I'm just being more honest with myself about the situation than I have in the last three years."

A bunch of folks came over for dinner last night. A friend of ours is doing a 4-week workshop at our house. While washing dishes afterwards around 10:30pm the subject came up amongst those of us that were still lingering around after the workshop. "But so many good things are happening too, right?" a friend said. I put down the dish, looked at her and said, "True, but look at this room, there's four of us here and three are leaving within 6-months." That happens everyday in San Diego. I'm just tired of it.

I'm not trying to be depressing just casting out false hopes. Being honest about this
is actually allowing Brooke and I to think about this a little more creatively... which is good.

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