May 23, 2007

take me out to the ball game...

Me and the boy went to our first ball game together tonight. My father-in-law gave us some tickets he couldn't use. Living so close to Petco Park made it easy to just go for however long Matt could last. He was pretty amazed at the size of everything. But he loved being able to shout "Go, Padres, Go" as often as possible without anyone telling him to be quiet (which happens often). And he dug the music. And as you can see in the posts below, he was into the cotton candy... and sticking his tongue out. The kid is a hoot! He saved half of his mangled treat for his sister. Boy's got a soft spot for his big sister. Said he couldn't go to another ball game without her.

My kids are my heroes. I love them so friggin' much.

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