December 19, 2007


My stress level is through the roof right now. My arms ached this morning when I woke up. Guess I was clenching my fists all night. I'm handling things pretty good. But I feel as though I'm gonna pop. This is not how I wanted Advent to be. If you're the praying kind... I would appreciate it.


+ Alan said...

I'm the praying kind. Peace.

Eliacin said...

hey bro,

Things have been stressful on my side as well.
But know that we've been praying for the evans and the rest of the tribe.

Unknown said...

Hey J

I'm a faithful and short prayer -- so you can count on continued short pleas to our father on your behalf.

Peace, peace, peace.

Let me know of any thing I can do for you by way of practical blessing as well -- love you guys


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