February 23, 2008

i needed today

Today has been a beautiful day! It rained off and on all this last week. But today the clouds broke away and it was just perfect outside. I love it when you hear San Diegans say things like, "Isn't beautiful today!?" We often take it for granted. I think God is pleased when we express our appreciation and awe of nature.

This morning, I was able to spend some time with Dr. John. John and I were helping our friends prepare to move to Japan. He and I drove to the public storage place and back together. John was an ER surgeon, then a medical missionary in Africa, then a pastor, then a high school teacher and now he is working on his doctorate in theology at Fuller. His wife makes amazing homemade bread! He is a wise humble man and I crave time to just listen to him. I was up really late last night struggling with direction on some things in my life. I've been really anxious about a lot of things. I felt unrooted and John's kind and wise words really helped me find solid ground on a few things. I feel settled.

Mike Angell and I were talking about the need for spiritual direction. For me, it's the spiritual act of submission that I lack in a lot of my relationships. This has always been a hard nut for me. But I'm finding this in a few relationships. Thanks for the input, Mike!

I came home this afternoon to my beautiful wife working on a project on the back porch and the kids romping around the backyard with a friend. I sat down and flipped through my new (but used) copy of Greg Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation and just felt... good. The sun was shining on us, my family was contently moving around the house and all seemed right in the world... even if a ghetto bird was noisily disturbing our perfect afternoon.

Tonight, we head over to the Modesto house for dinner. Kevin Modesto is a prof over at PLNU that I'm eagerly getting to know. A pastor at heart with a good strong run at community organizing and a sociologist. They have a whole heap of kids so ours are looking forward to it. So am I.

I needed today.

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