March 17, 2008



Steve K. said...

Ummm, thanks?

Jason Evans said...

Sorry for such brief commentary. The thing is that it seems a bit pretentious of Jones to bite the title "Third Way" which has for some time been associated with the Anabaptist community. Secondly, I thought it was a "conversation". How a conversation be a "way"? For all the intellectual posturing, there seems to be some serious hiccups. I just don't get it some times... that's all.

This is in no way meant to reflect on the work you do, Steve. I honestly appreciate the work you do in pulling information together and getting the word out about many things that are of great importance.

J Evans

Steve K. said...


Let me correct something: In "The New Christians," Tony Jones says that emergent folk are trying to live out a "third way" -- and he admits that "the jury is still out as to whether this middle ground is really a tenable place to stand." Tony never says that Emergent Village is trying to BE "the third way."

So in that regard, Dan's blog post was a bit misleading, and I guess my reiteration of it wasn't much clearer on that point. So don't worry, Emergent isn't trying to co-opt that language.

And thanks for the encouraging words about the EV blog.

Jason Evans said...

Thanks for the clarification. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

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