May 18, 2008

where's the beef!

This weekend, we are hosting students from Bluffton University in Ohio. Our resident health expert and amazing cook, Brooke (my lovely bride) has been preparing meals for the group. Yesterday, we had vegetarian, pita bread sandwiches (w/ hummus, carrots, cucumber, sprouts, pepper and garlic) for lunch. Last night, we had vegetarian burritos (beans, rice, corn, squash, peppers, salsa and fresh guacamole). Today, we will have spinach lasagna for lunch. These midwestern folks, with many of the boys built like semi-trucks, have not been so pleased with the vegetarian diet. They crave beef!

The food has been delicious and I think most have enjoyed it after they stopped wrinkling their noses. But it exposes a trend in American diets that simply has to change. Last night, we were able to begin leading the students towards understanding why we must change how we eat. Our house is not strictly vegetarian. Most of us eat some meat. But because of cost, environmental impact and even spiritual/theological conviction, we eat as little as possible. We typically don't buy it but will eat some when served it. The video below sums it up in ways I won't come close, so just watch this. It will be a very worthwhile 20 minutes.


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