January 3, 2009

sweet, potatoes!

Almost 9 months ago, we planted sweet potatoes in our garden. Nothing seemed to be growing. So, after we got back from our trip in September I pulled them out. But the vine-like leaves that come up from a sweet potato came back. Andy, Matt, Greg and I were working in the garden today–weeding, training and pruning the grape vines, raspberry and boysenberry canes–and I pulled up two sweet potatoes! Not the biggest, but I'm still excited to see that they are actually producing more than just the vines. We also planted organic mesclun, lettuce, beets, basil, chives, potatoes, oregano, and we transplanted volunteer tomato plants. All of us were pretty stoked to get so much done in the garden today and can't wait to see stuff grow... and it looks like rain tonight!

Good way to start the year off!

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+ Alan said...

Very cool! We had "accidental" potatoes grow in our compost area this season but nothing came of them. We did have tons of tomatoes, which we canned most of, and a good number of cucumbers, some cantaloupes and a little watermelon. Liz says she's increasing the garden size next year - should be good. Peace to you guys.

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