February 14, 2009


Today's my birthday, so I figure I can post whatever the heck I want, even if most people I know may not appreciate it.

Yep, I'm 34.

And, yes, I was born on Valentine's Day.

No, it falls on the same date every year.

Anyways, below is the video for a band I am totally amazed by: iwrestledabearonce. That is correct, their name is, "I Wrestled A Bear Once." For starters, that's a great name. Second, the blast beats in this video are just unhuman. I am amazed. Tim will be about the only person that reads this that will appreciate that. Third, the girl who fronts this band is incredible. She can sing, has a great hardcore scream and can growl like a grindcore god. Lastly, their funny! A metal band that doesn't take themselves too seriously, and has a song called, "Tastes like Kevin Bacon" has got my vote. Enjoy... or be afraid, whatever suits you best.

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