March 23, 2009

The Beatles


I'll be honest. I do try to influence my kids musical taste. I still remember taking Paige to Lou's Records to trade in a series of lullaby CD's we had received for music she could pick out. We spent an hour picking out CD's by putting the headphones on her and usually picking those she danced most for. The girl at the counter looked at me disparagingly, "Trading in your kids music for yourself?" "Honestly, these are for her!" She'll still tell you that she loves Tegan and Sara
and Red Five
, which were in that stack. But what I've never had to try with is The Beatles
. The kids have instantly taken to their music from a young age. They're timeless! Both our kids love them. And they really enjoyed Yellow Submarine
, which we watched a while ago.

Every time we listen to them, which is quite frequent, I still find myself amazed at how good their music remains after all these years.

Paige's favorite song by The Beatles is "Octopus's Garden." Matty's is "Come Together." Brooke's is "Blackbird." Mine is "Helter Skelter."

What's your all time favorite song by The Beatles?

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