April 9, 2009


I said a while ago that there was big changes happening. Well, today I sent this out to the Collective's newsletter list:
It's been a while since we sent out a newsletter. The reason for the delay was due to some big decisions being made. Last year, Brooke and I committed full time effort towards helping the Collective grow. It has been an amazing season. But like all seasons, this one must end. We have both decided to look for jobs back in the marketplace.

Our decision came through prayer and discussion with others and is based on two things:
  • This last year, many capable hands have taken on the initiative and leadership in various areas. We feel quite confident in moving towards a volunteer leadership community. This seems to echo the values we've always had.
  • The work of the Collective is unconventional to say the least. And our commitment to long-term changes often do not have the kind of instantaneous results that potential supporters often look for. Fund raising has been difficult and has honestly never quite been enough for us to live on. We hope this change will allow us to put resources into other things we feel are important.
We began looking for new jobs a couple months ago. Through a friend, Brooke found a job in bookkeeping. I've had a few promising interviews but continue to look. Here's a link to my resume. If you know of any opportunities that might be a fit please let me know.

We are deeply appreciative of those that contributed to the Collective over the last year and more. As well, we are grateful to those that have believed in the dream of the Collective and our ability even more than us. Thank you for everything!

The Ecclesia Collective will continue to accept donations. There are projects we plan to keep going, new projects to be started and your contributions are valuable. You can visit our website soon for more information regarding this change. Our updates may continue to be a bit irregular as we get into new routines. Please be patient with us and continue to keep us in your prayers.

We pray your Easter is filled with hopes and dreams for new beginnings.

Jason Evans
The Ecclesia Collective
Seriously. If you've got the time, help a brother out and send around the resume or let me know of any thing. Over at the EC blog, we will post a some more information in response to common concerns and questions we've already received later today.



Rob Yackley said...

Any online ways to financially contribute to the collective? Praying for God's job for you brother!

Jason Evans said...

At the moment, no, we don't have a way to do it online. Thanks for the encouraging words though!

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