April 10, 2009

more on job changes...

Well, I have to say, I am really amazed at how many people took a look at my resume, gave me feedback and even sent me info on possible job opportunities. I'm humbled that anyone cared that much to do that. Thank you! Brad Sargent even gave me edits! A few people told me it was less than flattering. I do have a hard time writing about myself in this way. So, with some coaxing I went back over it and tried to spell out a little more of what I accomplished in the different places I've been. Here's my updated resume.

There are a few things that I have found hard to say in a resume. For example, I don't have a degree in anything yet. (I actually got into Fuller Seminary because Dr. Bolger and others thought my experience qualified me... not my education unfortunately.) But I think my work experience adds up to quite a bit. I am a pretty natural leader. I've been in management positions since I was 18 years old. Most of the time, people working under me have been older and more experience and often more educated than me (not easy, trust me). I've worked in start-ups that have ended up growing and doing well. I've developed strong teams, smooth work processes, as well as educate and empower people enough to get things done. When I've left things didn't skip a beat too much. My leadership style ("leading from behind" is what I call it) has allowed me to kind of work myself out of a job. Which may sound bad in one way, but I think it's a sign of developing a team that works. While in construction, I helped develop a consulting firm. After we built a great team that didn't depend on me for too much any longer, I began helping develop a general contracting division.

When I've been a part of a group that wasn't a new enterprise, I've often been brought on to start new projects for an established company. I've never been intimidated by the unknown in work situations or the lack of credentials to do something. Because of that, I've had the opportunity to work in a few different fields; a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

So, where does that leave me now? I've interviewed for a few construction consulting firms. Their projects could be really interesting to be on. One seems quite interested but is waiting to see what kind of federal funding comes through.

I was encouraged to apply for a couple church positions with churches in the city. At first, I wasn't interested. After talking to several people I decided to apply anyways. But I think I intimidate the senior leadership. So, I doubt that will happen. This has been a common situation. I've been frank about where I see common church practices headed for years now. Most church leaders don't like to hear this, it threatens their position. I'm not opposed to working with Christian institutions altogether but I am reluctant. It would depend on the situation and their willingness to admit that things needed to change. I am willing to help with that, depending on the right situation.

Another question that has come up is whether we're willing to move. That's a rough one! This is our city. I mean, this place is in our bones! Neither us or our housemates want to sell the house. We have a hunch that we would come back to this place if we ever left. But to be honest, if it was the right job in the right place we would take it into consideration with our community and family. Brooke and I think it would be great for our kids to experience other parts of the country/world. And of course, we would like that for ourselves as well. But the other side of us is very aware of how great a life we have within our circle of friends and family here in this city. A year ago, I would've been concerned about The Collective folding if we weren't around. It would certainly look different but I'm confident it doesn't need us at the helm any more.

Enough rambling! We put up some brief responses to this change on the EC site. Check it out.

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