September 23, 2009

MWR column


I mentioned my idea of incarne recently and mentioned that I wrote an article for Mennonite Weekly Review's Urban Connections column this month. You can read the article online here. Here's a blurb from it:

"For Anabaptists, immigration is part of our history. Many Mennonites can look to their family heritage to see the story of a people who were continually moving from one part of the world to another, seeking a place for their peculiar way of Christianity to be accepted. Our immigrant story gives us a unique affinity to the New Testament term, ???strangers and aliens.???

At the beginning of John???s Gospel, we read that the Word was with God yet came to live among us in order to redeem us. One might say the Word immigrated to Earth from heaven. Jesus was an immigrant.

We follow a God who stoops down, becomes like us, serves us and saves us. And this same God in Jesus beckons us to follow him. What does it look like to follow the immigrant Jesus? To mimic his life within our own?"

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Would appreciate your feedback either here or at MWR.

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