October 22, 2009

prego posts

My wife has been a trooper over the last 8 months (and some) of pregnancy. At 4'11'' there's not a whole lot of room for a baby inside of her, so the discomfort comes quickly for her. Her doctor finally put her on maternity leave, which started yesterday. Just not having to sit in a chair all day has helped a ton. The baby is due mid-November. But one of the most comedic, yet often nauseating, moments are the questions an expecting parent gets and/or the lack of understanding from others???even the dad sometimes (yup, let's just admit it fellas, we can be knuckle heads). We hang out with lots of folks younger than us. Most without kids. Yet, now being the third one in, we've got them fairly well trained. And they've all been some of the most incredibly supportive people through this third pregnancy. For example, our anxiety was seriously hampering excitement of this pregnancy until we announced it to our housemates; the room exploded in excitement and celebration. Brooke and I looked at each other and knew it was going to be okay... and this kid was sure as heck gonna be a well-loved one!

But you still get the numb skull questions now and then. We've had some great laughs over the last few weeks through some blog posts friends have sent us. There are three that have taken the cake. Here are those three, with the choice quotes from each post:

"PS I can hear you over there across the room saying 'OMG she looks like she's going to pop any minute.' I mean you were staring at me as well, so that also gave you away!" From our friend, Holly

"Megan, are you getting any sleep? You better get it now because you won???t get any when the baby comes???
It???s really quite shocking that you haven???t been punched in the face yet. Be VERY THANKFUL you haven???t been punched in the face. She is sleeping reasonably well, all things considered. You try having a 7 pound bowling ball sitting on your bladder." From Married With Chickens

"And you'll want to explain how completely exhausting being pregnant is but men never understand so whenever Victor would say "How can you be tired? You hardly did anything today!" I'd respond, "I made someone's ear canals today. Inside my stomach. Without even using my hands. What did you do today? Paperwork? God, how exhausting. I MADE SOMEONE'S NERVOUS SYSTEM."" Via Design Mom

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