December 22, 2009

best songs about california

For a brief moment, our Hawthornista in diaspora, Gregor was in town before the holidays and his eventual return to Mexico City. While in town, we celebrated his return at Hamilton's–the best (un)kept secret in South Park. Afterward, several of us were hanging out on the back patio and Brad asked what the best songs about California were. I said that Springsteen's "Balboa Park" off of The Ghost of Tom Joad had to be at the top of the list. Not just California, but city and location-within-a-California-city-specific!

I'm good. That good.

I'm not a huge fan of the Boss but this song speaks so strongly of the era when I first became most familiar with downtown San Diego. So, it's nostalgic for me, even if it is a bit of a dark song.

So, bring it on! What are your favorite songs about, or at least referencing California in some way?

Listen to "Balboa Park" here.

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