December 12, 2009

dear mr. president

UPDATE: My friend, Jason Coker, pointed out that independent scholar, Dr. Dixon wrote an article for Sojourners stating that Obama does get Just Peacemaking Theory. She makes a worthy analysis of President Obama's speech to base her arguement. But the issue is not a speech in accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. It's the actions being taken. And actions taken in a specific context. Not a broad sweep of foreign and domestic strategies combined to make it seem as though JPT is being applied in every context. Speaking of a specific context, it seems to me that in the most recent increase in troops in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama is not observing Just Peacemaking Theory. Rather, he is employing a lazy Just War Theory. I'm still hopeful. But I neither see him employing a robust Just War Theory nor Just Peacemaking. I say so being convinced that not all other options have been exhausted.

What do you think?


Dear President Obama,
I hope you enjoyed your time in Norway. I'm a bit envious. I've always wanted to go there. My grandfather was 100% Norwegian. Plus, who wouldn't want to visit the land of vikings and black metal? Lucky!

Anyways, I know you don't know me. But you did give my friend Mike a thumbs up when he preached to you. And I voted for you. So, now that we've established a point of connection, I want to make a reading recommendation to you. Please pick up Just Peacemaking, ed. Glen Stassen. You need to read this book. There seem to be a few more options than you think there are currently. This book might help.

There's a lot on your shoulders. I appreciate that. But Afghanistan... come on! Can you imagine how your girls would end up if they lived in a country in some kind of conflict their entire childhood!? There's a generation of kids in Afghanistan that didn't ask for this. We've got to change things if they have any chance of growing up to be functional human beings.

Don't mean to be over simplistic. Don't mean any disrespect. Just pick up the book. And let's look for some other options.


J. Evans

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