January 26, 2010

google apps vs. microsoft

We're working on a major website overhaul for First Pres' right now. The conversation has come up that we should potentially use Google Apps for email, calendars, shared doc's, etc. Microsoft is what the majority of people are familiar with over hear and what they use for online access to calendars and email. When I talked with the folks that have provided IT assistance over here for several years, and mentioned that this might be a worthy switch they asked with exacerbated frustration, "WHY!?"

"Uh, because it's better," I responded.

What say you? I need your input. What do you use? Do you hate it? Like it?

Let me know.

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joel said...

i'm not a fan of MS suite and am starting to use google docs with regularity. however, i am noticing that google docs excel hybrid doesn't have the same power that MS excel does. so if you use a ton of excel, i would wait a little longer to make the switch because it's only a matter of time before some of the major kinks are ironed out. also, the IT manager i worked with at my last job had been trying for quite some time to convince the powers that be that a switch to google apps was going to be cheaper and better in the long run because syncing with it would be extremely simple, especially with any variety of smart phone on the market these days.

that's all i got.

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