January 11, 2010

(imaginary) jesus vs vampires

While I was still working with christianaudio, I had the privilege of engineering the audio version of Matt Mikalatos' new book, Imaginary Jesus. Matt narrated the book himself and so I got a chance to hang out with him. He's a funny guy and he happens to be a comic book geek–which you can feel as you read his book (... I meant that as a compliment). Imaginary Jesus is funny, touching and thought-provoking. Our families have been through similar circumstances, so much of the semi-autobiographical content really hit home for me.

When we were done recording the book–and after Matt had the chance to raid the christianaudio warehouse–I drove him to the airport to head back to Portland. I shared with Matt my growing interest in graphic novels (our friend, Matt Aragon–yes, another "Matt"–turned our son into a comic book geek and it's been slowly impacting me–just for the art of course). On the way to the airport, Mikalatos grabbed a piece of paper and scratched out an intense list of comics and graphic novels I needed to look into, for Matty Boy and myself.

After the holidays, I started my research and have been finding some really great stuff due to Matt (thanks, Matt!). But during my search, I came upon a release from Image Comics called, Loaded Bible: 'Jesus vs Vampires' (links on the Image Comics site don't work)–and, no, Matt did not recommend this. Those that know me, know that I have this fascination with vampires... but I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry about this.

When I first read the spine, my immediate reaction was:

"Jesus AND vampires?!"

and then...


along with...

"Oh, dear."

In the end, though, it bugs me to see a sword-wielding Jesus. I'm an advocate for peacemaking as a central part of being a Christian. So, the "imaginary" Jesus of Loaded Bible disturbs me because of how violent he is. Is this what happens over time when we drift away from a theology that is informed by the peacemaking work of Jesus? ... Do the Jesus's that we imagine increasingly endorse and enact violence? What would the real Jesus think about this?

Here's a preview of the series, I'm curious to read your thoughts (NOTE: violent still image content-choose wisely who you watch this with):

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