January 4, 2010

my crazy, new office

This is the piece of stained glass in my office. I think it's taller than me. Almost floor to ceiling. And that's not all. There are two more stained glass windows in my office. It's huge! The office that is... and my desk. I could seat more people around my desk than most people could their dining room tables. I feel like I need to call someone into my office just so I can fire them from across this behemoth... not that I have anyone I can fire... or want to fire.

I feel like David in Saul's armor something. Right now, it's me, my laptop, a couple of books and my book bag. Jerry walked into my office this morning, looked around at the empty walls and shelves and just said, "Oh this is just sad."

Tomorrow, I'll show y'all the rest of the office. You can give me your thoughts on what I should do with all this space!

This is gonna be fun.

Off to meet the deacons and elders now. Cheers!

BTW, our family is gracing the home page of First Pres' right now. I'm looking through a proposal on a new site development right now, so keep your comments to yourself.

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