April 6, 2010

my son and papa jo jones

For Matty's birthday, he received my snare drum and throne. I've played this same snare drum since before Brooke and I were married and with 7 different bands. It felt good to pass this on to him. We've been working on a few basic beats, posture and accuracy. I will hear him banging away in his room without even being asked to play. Kid's got rhythm! But I can't take all of the credit for his interest. Tim, from As I Lay Dying is a friend of ours and Matt is well aware of their music videos. As fierce as Tim seems, he's an incredibly gentle and kind person. Matt thinks he's pretty cool. When Matt saw their videos, which often cross heavy metal awesomeness with science fiction story lines, he was sold. Plus the windmill's that Jordan pulls were pretty impressive to Matt.

Anyways, so we were working on accuracy last night, trying to hit one, small circle on his snare. He didn't understand the reason why, so I pulled up some drumming videos to show the accuracy of great drummers. To my surprise, Matty was completely taken by jazz drummers. As we were getting him ready for bed, he told me, "I wanna be able to play like Papa Jo Jones someday. He's even cooler than Tim's drummer."

a) How cool is it that my 6 year old knows and is growing in appreciation for a jazz legend like Papa Jo!

b) Sorry, Tim. I still think y'all rock.

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