May 12, 2010

matt casper on atheism

The difference between me and most atheists is that I talk to Christians. A lot. I write books with them, I go on their radio shows, and I even help run a site for rating churches. Why do I do all this? Just lucky, I guess (my Christian friends would say ???blessed???).

I also do it because I am not a complete idiot. Hitchens is an idiot. Dawkins is an idiot.

Had the privilege of hanging out with my buddy and former band mate, Matt Casper tonight. Matt recently wrote an article for an atheism blog. He is a fantastic writer and I wish he would write more. But, hey, I wish he knew Jesus and that hasn't happened yet, so, I'm not holding my breathe on the writing either. Still, I appreciate the fact that Jim and Matt have tried to foster dialog over debate. As I often tell Matt, our dialog has made my faith stronger.

By the way, Matt, I resent the "blessed" comment. I don't use that term.

Anyways, Matt seems to be the atheist that Christians love and atheists don't. The exchange in the comments is fascinating. Check it out.

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