June 30, 2010

leave long in back to cover bald


I have now had the same conversation three times at a hair salon. I go in to get a haircut and as the hair stylist is brushing me off she says in broken English, "You like?"

"Yes," I say. "Thanks."

She responds, "Good. I leave little long in back to cover bald. Okay?"

The first time this happened, I responded, "Wait. What?"

"I leave long to cover bald back here."

"Are you telling me I'm balding in back?!"

"Yes. Oh... You not know?"

"I do now."

To add insult to injury, the poor woman doesn't seem to remember my face and goes on to tell me at the end of each visit, "I leave long in back to cover bald."

I never say it outloud but I always think to myself, "I know. We've already gone over this embarrassing fact."

I always know I need a haircut when someone says, "Whoah. What's up with your hair?" This happened today. And as you can see above, it's true.

But if I'm starting to bald, I'm thinking of just shaving my head for the summer.

So, what say you?

A) Leave long in back to cover bald?


B) Embrace my baldingness and shave the noggin?

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