September 1, 2010

music: september mixtape


I've decided to compile a monthly play list-or what we used to call in the good ol' days, a mixtape. Since I'm not really sure of a better way to provide that to you, I'm compiling it over at my account, where you can listen to samples and some full songs. So, here's this month's mixtape:

September '10: songs for going back to school, the onset of autumn and returning to routine.

  1. These New Puritans ??? We Want War
  2. Broken Bells ??? The Ghost Inside

  3. Soul-Junk ??? Wax Presidential

  4. Sleigh Bells ??? Kids

  5. Museum ??? The Law
  6. Arcade Fire ??? Ready to Start

  7. M.I.A. ??? It Takes a Muscle

  8. Janelle Mon??e ??? Tightrope (feat. Big Boi)
  9. Deftones ??? Caress (Drive Like Jehu Cover)
  10. The Roots ???Birthday Girl
If someone knows of a better tool to put this kind of thing together, please let me know w/ a note in the comments.

By the way, every music lover should read Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, or watch the movie. It captures well the beauty of a mixtape.

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