The longer I am involved in new faith communities, the more important coaching appears. In my view, the job of a coach is to be an objective source of encouragement and accountability to a leader. This is what I seek to do with those I work with. I do my best to ask questions that will challenge and hold you accountable to the goals and deadlines you have set for yourself. I received training through the International Coaching Federation and have been coaching leaders starting new communities for 17 years.

Here's what a few kind people had to say about my coaching:

"Jason’s coaching has been a great support to me, a new vicar, during a difficult transition into a missional congregation. After each conversation with him, I felt more positive in my new role and had a better picture of my ministry. His coaching has allowed me to view my pastoral and leadership roles more clearly. I highly recommend anyone thinking about coaching to reach out to him."
- Meg in Louisiana

"Jason asks provocative questions, which allows me to see my ministry in new ways. He does not weigh me down with opinions, but opens up new insights and new paths. I find it encouraging and hope-filled to know that I have Jason in my corner."
- Jennifer in Kansas

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to a leader that is interested in working with me. If after this, we both agree that we are a match, we sign an agreement to work together. Typically, I agree to 6-9 sessions at a time with sessions scheduled once or twice a month. My sessions tend to last 45-60 minutes in length.

Still interested in scheduling a 30-minute coaching consultation? Click here to provide some basic information. I will respond to this by email, offering available times for your consultation.