Missional Voices resource

I'm pretty stoked to share with you this cool resource! If you missed out on the Missional Voices conference last month (here's my reflection on the conference)–or if you attended, were inspired and hope to go deeper–the good folks at The Work of the People and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas partnered up with Missional Voices to make a 3-session small group series available with videos and discussion guide. Visit the Missional Voices site to check it out.

Here's the series trailer:

Weekend Listening: The Liturgists - Let the Waters (feat. Israel Houghton)

It's Pentecost Sunday. The day that we Christians remember the spiritual presence of God entering into the lives of those earliest of Jesus' followers. A reminder that we are not alone–God's presence is always there. Today, Brooke and I become members of the Episcopal Church. That's right, we're gonna be legit now!

Anyways, considering it's Pentecost, here's a track from The Liturgists off of their pentecost release. Listen to the rest here.

Weekend Listening: Head Wound City - Scraper

Consisting of members of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Blood Brothers and the Locust, Head Wound City is back coming out with a new full length on Vice next week entitled, A New Wave Of Violence.

Podcast Fridays: Kreative Kontrol

Hosted by Vish Khanna, Kreative Kontrol is an eclectic podcast. Mostly, it's music-related interviews while including local Ontario culture, where Khanna is based. His documentary episode on the life of the amazing San Diego band, Drive Like Jehu is really special to me. I'd also recommend his two part conversation between Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat, Dischord Records fame and Steve Albini of Big Black, Shellac. At times, the MacKaye and Albini conversation simply sounds like two old rambling men fascinated with the sound of their own voices but there are some underground music legend gems in there too.