Weekend Listening: Zao - Xenophobe

Zao's back? Zao's back! And this is a solid comeback.

Missional Communities in Texas

Still haven't had much time to write lately. As I mentioned last week, you can find the transcript and audio from my plenary at the '17 diocesan council over at epicenter.org/missional. While I haven't had much time to write on missional community here on the blog, below is an introductory video to what missional communities look like here in Texas. Enjoy!

Weekend Listening: Mexrrissey - First Of The Gang To Die

A Mexico City band that covers Morrissey. If you lived near Tijuana for any length of time, you had to know this was coming eventually. I actually like their version better, to be honest. And I dig the video!

Stuff Going On This Month!

There are too many cool things going on right now! I'm way behind on continuing my "Making Sense of Missional" series. But it is for good reason. Starting Thursday and through Saturday, I will be at the Diocese of Texas' annual council gathering. My colleague and friend, Beth Magill and I will be providing a practical workshop on Ashes-To-Go on Thursday (here are some thoughts on why I see Ash Wednesday as a great first-step, evangelistic opportunity). Additionally, Beth and I, along with our colleague Francene Young will be offering 3 workshops on missional ministry which are going to be great! We've had a lot of laughs developing these learning opportunities to learn about a missional hermeneutic, spiritual practices and congregational strategy. Check the schedule for details.

At council this weekend, we will be debuting a Bible study series Beth and I have developed for communities and congregations hoping to develop missional practices. We're excited to hear how people use this. Additionally, Beth, my family and I have decided to start a gathering using this tool at the Evans' place. If you're in the Houston, Montrose area and interested in joining us, get in touch.

One of the other cool things I get to do through my work with the Diocese of Texas is work with those training to be priests and deacons in our diocesan family. Later this month, I will provide my first class with the Iona School of Ministry on Missional Theology and I am super excited about this. If you're attending (or not), you can take a look at the class outline here.

Weekend Listening: Pile - Texas

New album comes out in March. Until then, the track "Texas" for you: