March 19, 2019

TSOANTTC: Francisco Garcia-Velasquez

This month, Adam, Dan and Jason talk with Francisco Garcia-Velasquez, a pastor in Chula Vista, CA. Francisco is the founder of The Industry, a church plant and all-ages music venue in San Diego. An article on the Industry from 2016 can be read here.

We also talk about a few of the "new things" that we're excited about, including:

Ebenezer Church (San Diego, CA)

The Local Church (Pittsboro, NC)

... and, of course, The Industry in San Diego.

The soundtrack from this episode includes music from Not Beneath, Nerve Control, Take Offense, Fear is the Driving Force, Turn it Around, Bone Breaker and Moral Issue. If you'd like to hear the entire playlist of bands discussed in this episode, check out the Spotify playlist. Make sure to Like our Facebook page and tell us what you're listening to and what new faith communities might be inspiring you.

Special thanks to Matt Traxler and Steadfast Records for the use of Brandtson's music and Andrew Wells for his live photography in the 'show poster.'

March 16, 2019

Weekend Listening: Show Me The Body - Camp Orchestra

YouTube | Spotify
As mentioned on The Shape Of A New Thing To Come's 2nd episode, I love this strange three-piece group with roots in NYC hardcore known as Show Me The Body. Even with a banjo in the mix, their intensity is unmatched. Considering this, I can't wait to hear their next full-length. This is first track they've released from it. In the meantime, check out their debut album and mixtape.

Show Me The Body previously mentioned here and here.

March 2, 2019

Weekend Listening: Mal Blum - Things Still Left To Say

YouTube | Spotify

Mal Blum is back! Loving this single just recently released.

Previous post with Mal Blum.

February 23, 2019

Weekend Listening: Denzel Curry - Bulls On Parade

YouTube | Spotify
Prophets of Rage, take note: this is how you cover Rage Against the Machine.

Denzel Curry is amazing! If Zach de la Rocha won't ever return, Curry will do.

RATM is previously mentioned here. Additionally, Zach de la Rocha is previously mentioned here, here and here ... come back, Zach. Come back!