Fall '21 - PTM 5 - Church Beyond the Walls (General Theological Seminary)
What does it mean to “be the church” when the church is often more associated with colonialism, the oppression of women, racism, and politics — rather than the radical love of the Gospel? This course explores the theological and practical tensions, challenges, and possibilities of naming and sharing faith in American society.

  • Practical Theology & Ministry
  • Missional Movements Throughout Church History
  • Evangelism & Community Engagement
  • Developing Missional Communities
I've been teaching about missional theology, training people how to start new communities and coaching missional leaders for over a decade and a half. Here's what I've learned:
  1. The best way for you to learn is by doing.
  2. No one knows your context better than you.
  3. Everything you need is accessible to you if you really want it.
My commitment is to offer the best of what I know in a succinct and practical way.

You can find my resume on LinkedIn.