June 28, 2013

video: Are we within cultural captivity?

Race has a unique role in a place like D.C. I can't quite put my finger on exactly how my experience here has been different. But it has. As a person of privilege, I've been fortunate to have folks in my life that have been honest with me about race and privilege, helping me consider how being a Christian demands that I live differently–exposing to me what I was unable to see on my own. I find Soong Chan Rah to one of those too few that are honest with the Church-at-large about these issues the way some of my friends have been with me. For those persons of privilege, these are often difficult words to hear. Nonetheless, they are words that need to be heard, wrestled with and responded to. Rah is an evangelical and speaks to directly to that particular segment of the Church (and at length in his book, The Next Evangelicalism). But his words are applicable for the whole Church. In a sense, the Episcopal Church is the epitome of a church of privilege. Yet, as Dwight Zscheile has said, we are becoming the "disestablished church." As that becomes increasingly true, how might we listen deliberately to those that have already long been disestablished?