Hi, my name is Jason Evans! I'm married to Brooke Evans. Together, we have three kids. Originally from San Diego, the five of us lived in D.C. for a few years and are now moving to Houston. I studied at Heston College for a Certificate in Urban Ministry and Fuller Theological Seminary for a Masters of Arts in Global Leadership.

I've taught, preached and spoken in many environments, written and edited for several print and online publications, and worked with a cross section of Christian traditions, in diverse contexts, at establishing creative and inclusive faith communities, ministry start-ups, the relationship between church and culture.

My work in establishing missional communities has been profiled in books such as Jim and Casper Go To Church, Street CrossersEmerging Churches and Emerging Worship.

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You can find some samples of my speaking on SoundCloud and YouTube.

What a Few Extremely Nice People Have Said About Our Work
“Jason and Brooke Evans practice what they preach and now are preaching what they practice. They are front line followers of the way of Jesus, fearless explorers and clear eyed mapmakers. The future of the church is secure in the hands of leaders like Jason and Brooke. They’ve been given every reason to walk away from the craziness associated with what we’ve come to call church. Again, they said no. They care to much about Jesus’ people to let the religious foolishness we’ve come to think of as “normal” to dissuade them from self-identifying as Christians.”
Jim Henderson, author of Jim and Casper Go To Church and Evangelism Without Additives

“I have known Jason and Brooke Evans and their work for approximately 7 years. Over a period of four years I coached/mentored a world-wide group of 60-70 of Jason and Brooke’s peers. Jason and Brooke standout by their intelligence, passion and commitment to actually execute on their ideas. Their group leverages their available resources to a very high degree. If impact not numbers are the metric they shine.”
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter, pastor of Holy Trinity Church and author of The Accidental Anglican and Giving Church Another Chance

"In my experience, Jason is uniquely gifted and called to connect with people who are weary of the classical institutional church but are open to the way of Jesus. The kind of people who would never darken the doors of our church but who want to learn to follow Jesus. This is a rare, but invaluable gift and calling that deserves our passionate support."
Shane Hipps, former Teaching Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church and author of Selling Water By The River

“What Jason understood is that the gospel is a response to a particular context and not a set of abstract ‘truths’ … Jason’s understanding builds on the works of Dallas Willard and N.T. Wright who asserted that the gospel is that we get to participate with God in the redemption of the word … Our gospel is one that welcomes others to share in the joy of this in breaking movement of God … ”
Dr. Ryan Bolger, co-author of Emerging Churches, Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture School of Intercultural Studies

“I was extremely refreshed to listen to what is happening in these … gatherings. Without a doubt there is an absolute sense of these churches viewing worship as something that occurs not only when they meet together, but all week long. There is no doubt of the church being the church and not being a meeting people attend. Quite honestly it really does feel extremely close to what the New Testament church must have been like.”
– from Emerging Worship by Dr. Dan Kimball, pastor of Vintage Faith Church

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