December 30, 2005

seminar highlights theology of Yoder

"A number of papers were presented that point to the influence [Yoder's] theology has had on a whole generation of Swedish theologians," he said. Seminar participants showed considerable interest in Mennonite convictions on peace, community, simple living and radical discipleship.


Yoder's The Politics of Jesus had a profound effect on me. A group of us are going to begin reading it again together. Looking forward to that.


Eric Lee said...

Whoa, awesome. I just loaned my boss a copy of Yoder's What Would You Do? and we had a great discussion about it.

Neither of us have read Politics of Jesus but we were tossing the idea of reading it together soon in some capacity.

Maybe we could join up with you?



Jason Evans said...

that would be great. I think we're going to read chpt 1 by the 12th of Jan. I'll find out for sure. We're going to do a blog to share thoughts and try to schedule a conference call for each chapter.

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