December 30, 2005

this communion of saints...

Recently while talking with Geoff I realized how fortunate I am to have made friends with so many wonderful folks throughout this city. I've learned so much from each of you. It has made me start considering something that several of us have hinted at here and there in this last year and I'm wondering if we might actually do something about it this coming year.

1) What would it look like if were deliberate about finding a way for us to support each other, learn from each other and befriend each other?

2) What are the ways that we could do this realistically-not distracting us from our particular mission/call/vocation/whatever you want to call it?

I invite all the locals that stop by here to dream and think outloud in the comments of this post. (I would certainly hope that you all would know who you are) Feel free to pass along a link to this or even copy the contents into emails. Let's see if we can gather some thoughts on this since so many keep making some kind of mention of this in different situations.


Dan Cookson said...

Love your blog. I look forward to dropping in from time to time to check out your happenings and how the Lord is blessing.

Eric Lee said...

1. Acts 2 ~ I'm hoping that we can be of one mind and share what we have with each other. Nothing is our own. Being of 'one mind' doesn't mean we have to be he same at all; we will affirm our differences and gifts through edification and the practices of confession and reconciliation.

2. How do we do this realistically? We all have particular calls that bring out our different gifts as you indicated, so perhaps we could focus on common practices together. Workdays, bible studies, book groups (i.e. Politics of Jesus); intentional times together.

How do we get formed into a people where we will find ourselves blessed as poor, peacemakers, meek, and thirsty for righteousness? What kind of virtues are required? The fruits of the spirit are a good place to start. Patience is one that I need a lot of work on.

Us at the Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City already have about 4 or 5 bible studies going on around town. I wonder if it would be cool to enfold each other into our practices from time to time? It doesn't mean going to everybody's church all week long so that we fill our lives up to the brim, but we could make it a point to see how each other lives and stuff to experience each others' gifts.

These are just some ideas/suggestions. I'm convinced along with some of my other friends that we have a lot to learn from the Hawthorne House peeps and their friends.

Let's keep this dialogue going! :)



Jason Evans said...

a few non-blogger thoughts:

Hi Jason, Yes to ways of increasing common-wealth,
community economics, cooperative living, community
land trust, etc. I'm not quite up to the computer
understanding I need to respond inside the blog so I'm
doing this. In '06 you can get me into the bloggin'
world perhaps.


I think the journey that so many of us are on in rethinking church and
mission is great. Even though we are motivated by similar concerns and use
similiar language, one downside is that this pioneering work tends to send
us down somewhat different paths.

I would love to see that diversity fostered while at the same time
developing some sense of being the larger body of Christ that seeks to
transform San Diego with the Kingdom message.

Toward that end I think it would be great to gather similiarly minded folks
to a somewhat regular meeting that would be a place where we could share a
bit about our journeys, what we are learning and to dream together about how
the Lord might through us as a body of His disciples. This would be a good
place to develop a sense of identity as people seeking to develop grassroots
expressions of Christ's community. The key is intentionality.

I think that eventually, or concurrently, we should be moving ourselves (and
this communion of saints) into prayer. Not just for our individual
communities, but for our collective identity and influence.


Unknown said...


God bless you, Brooke and the kids. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

My dream: What if followers of Jesus from throughout the region got together once a month for a meal, music and conversation. A time for fellowship and learning, as we grow in friendship and learn how God is extending His Kingdom in ways that each of us individually might not be familiar with or even understand.

Imagine what kind of movement God could rise up if all of us got a sense of what others were doing and how God was moving in our communities; if we were intentional about developing friendships and partnerships, and in humility surrendered to God our own successes and joined in with, celebrated and learned from, all throughout San Diego County.

That would be very cool.


Eric Lee said...

I like the once-a-month suggestion!



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