January 28, 2006

6 8 things

Six Eight things coming up or recently happening that I should talk about but will simply mention briefly:

1 - My son, Matthew Corban Evans, turned two on Thursday. Congrats to the little big man. I'm very proud of him. He's ready to go to preschool and pummel anyone who has ever hurt beeg-siser (that's Paige)... he has an impeccable memory about these things. He's also very protective of his new little friend, Rhythm Cain Kemble. I have a feeling that Rhythm will have few enemies due to my son. He loves skateboards and Brooke is SO ready to get him into some kind of active sports or something 'cause the boy has more than enough energy to power a small city.

2 - The movie Princess Mononoke has for some reason sparked very deep thoughts on my daughter's part about good and evil all things spiritual (thank you, Mr. Hayao Miyazaki). She informed me the other day in a conversation that lasted almsost a half hour that we need Jesus inside of us if we don't want to be evil inside... I almost had to pull over and weep right there. She is so damn smart and compassionate and... awesome.

3 - Some theology students and local faith community leaders have decided to start meeting at least once a month to swap stories, thinking and sip coffee together. This makes me very happy... we need each other. As I have said before, this is a unique city and the people that will help us discover a theology for SD are already here... we just need to get together and share what we're discovering.

4 - Holly and Ryan Sharp will be playing in my living room a week from this evening. You should come check them out. Matt Thompson and Matt Casper will also be playing.

5 - I speak on a panel discussion a week from today on Islam and Christianity. Pastor Claude, Pastor Irene, the crazy Nigerian clan from Vegas, Bert and Gloria, Bishop Jeff and the rest of my Anabaptist pals will be surely be there there... awesome.

6 - Thanks to Geoff's encouragement I'm back to trying to find a way to get into school somehow again.

7 - I'm almost done remodelling the master bedroom in our house! Thank the Lawd!

8 - I played drums at Scolari's Office (a local dive bar) for a band called, Hell Yeah, last night. It was so much fun! I forgot how routine it used to feel to be in a smokey, loud room setting up your gear getting ready to play. It felt so good to play loud, fun music again. Plus, the people stories you get from just one night at a seedy dive bar can't be beat!


David Lantow said...


Great to hear from you. Thanks for adding me to your list. I love your heart and passion. Blessings to you.

Ryan said...

It's cool that you got to play drums. Refreshing. If you ever record something you'll have to post it. rlundquist.blogspot.com

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