January 9, 2006

last night...

Lots of visitors last night. Matt and Brooke came down with Joel (in from Boston), Katie and Eliot. Our first chance to meet Eliot, the handsome little guy. Katie writes one of my favorite blogs. Joel talked last night with our community. The conversation was mostly about how we can be non-imperialistic followers of Jesus. Christianity for so long has been thought of by many as tied to imperialism and/or colonialism. But if we do not see that in the message of Jesus, how then can we shed our imperialistic notions and instead embody Jesus' rule and reign-rather than our own? Joel brought up some brilliant points from the stuff he's been studying/reading. We annointed and prayed for Rhythm. He's been pretty sick. Hope Josh and Lis' get some rest.

Go see Matt's artwork on display next Saturday. I think I'm going to try and make a date with my wife to go check out Matt's work and catch dinner as well.

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