January 10, 2006

this is good...

The kids have just gone to bed and Brooke is still at her weekly pottery class. I need to wash the dishes still from dinner but I had to take a moment to document my thoughts currently.

Since Paige was little I've often told Brooke, "I can't wait until she is old enough for me to read her great books." Great stories are so effective at helping us shape our lives. I love books because of this and I've longed to share that with my children.

A while ago Paige overheard talk about the Narnia movie, which we have not seen yet. I shared with her briefly the storyline and told her that I would love to read the books to her if she would like. Last night, she said, "Daddy, I have to get those Narnier books so I can read 'em." I pulled off of my bookcase what was my dad's set of the Chronicles of Narnia and said, "Honey, we HAVE Papa's set that he gave me. We can start reading them whenever you want."

She clapped at the end of each of the first five chapters. Tonight we read up to chapter eight. She is loving it. And it has been such an awesome bonding moment for us. I'm on cloud nine reading these books to her. I know she'll love reading them herself someday as well.

All the while Matt walks around the room acting out little bits he hears and gets... or just sits there hitting himself on the head with his finger skateboards yelling, "Skeetbaard!". The boy has this house in constant laughter... he will be two at the end of this month!

If that weren't cool enough... a few other things that came up recently:

I've been asked to do a presentation to the Ecumenical Council of San Diego County next week at UCSD on "the emerging church." I'm honored that they've asked me to do this. I'm still trying to pull together what I'm going to say. My inbox has been inundated with links to articles from people on the council, mostly from a negative stance on either the "emerging church" or Emergent in particular. I have no interest in either defending or promoting either. So, I will do my best to simply identify it as I understand it I suppose. Mostly, I'm excited to meet these people since they are fellow Christ followers in my city. I'll post some thoughts on what I'll say to get anyone's feedback.

I've also been asked to be a part of panel discussion at the Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference's winter assembly next month. We attended this event last year and it was awesome. I'm looking forward to this.

Add to that, Brian Mavis is finally blogging after all these years of antagonizing!

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Ryan said...

Those are some great opportunities you have.

I am starting to read to my son too. He is just over two, so obviously Narnia is out, but pictures of tractors and firetrucks and basic books do the trick for sure. And he is just starting to sit still enough to get to read kid books and portions of Scripture.

Keep up the great work.

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