February 6, 2006


What a weekend!? This last weekend was filled with so much goodness. I barely know where to start... but I'll try.

The goodness of this last wekend started on Thursday when Brooke and I finally finished enough of the renovations in our master bedroom to finally move in. There's something very dinstinct about creating a place of safety, sanctuary. We haven't had that in our home until now and it feels so good to know I can just walk into my room and know I can rest... I even took a nap on Sunday, which I rarely do.

It's been very nice having Ryan and Holly here with us. I love them very much and miss them when they are gone. They arrived on Friday night and I was home long enough to say, hi, and then helped the Mo-man move into his new pad (Congrats my friend - new beginnings are a sweet thing).

Saturday morning I got up early and drove up to Inglewood for the Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference Winter Assembly. I spoke on a panel alongside Mennonite pastors from Nigeria and Indonesia. Their experience and insight into the topic, Muslim and Christian relations, was humbling. I was really honored to stand next to these men. There humility and love for Jesus was amazing. I realized while there that I am clearly a Pacific Southwest Mennonite, not just a Mennonite or Anabaptist. This particular conference is very unique and the people that are a part of it are what draw me to this denomination. I found myself talking about "our theology" which I'm not sure I've done up until this point when with them.

Saturday night a whole bunch of people came over to watch Matt Thompson, Matt Casper and Ryan and Holly Sharp play in our home. The music was great and the conversations afterward were just as amazing.

Our friend, Matt Thompson, played first. Matt used to roadie for the first band I ever played in. He was in the youth group I helped with. He's been a part of my life through many changes. It was great to see him play some of his own material finally after all this time. A talented young man. I've watched him start tinkering with few chords over a decade ago, to leading worship, to playing in bass in two hardcore punk bands to now writing and playing his own stuff. He's like a brother to Brooke and I.

Matt Casper played next. Casper and I met while I was working for Outreach, Inc. Matt leads the group Hell Yeah! with which I currently play drums for. Matt and his family have become good friends over the last three years. Our differences (I am follower of Jesus, he is not) have not got in the way of us developing a great friendship and a constantly stimulating conversation about theology, philosophy and our common love, music! I've only heard two other people with his vocal range, Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley. He writes incredibly catchy, irreverant pop songs (eg. "Bucktooth Bullet Bait", "I Want To Kick G.W.'s Ass" and "My Chola Girl"). His brash nature will never outshine his great heart and incredible sense of humor... alright, I have to stop; he reads this every now and then.

Ryan and Holly played last for us. Ryan asked me once to write a review for him. I didn't. But if I had it would've started something like, "Who is this, Ryan Sharp, and how the hell did he figure out how to read my heart and mind?!" Ryan's CD is far and beyond my favorite album of the year just for its lyrical content alone. I feel like saying, "Amen" at the end of each song because of the resonance I feel with his words. The conversations that followed their set were pretty amazing. People from different faith perspectives talking, discussing, challenging, while remaining friendly and considerate. We finally went to bed around 2am I think. Add to that, new friends were made, the Mission kids finally made it over and Katie came all the way down from Stinko, I mean, Chino. Very cool.

Yesterday, the Super Bowl kind of drowned out our Sunday night meeting. Lee stopped by to say hi and borrowed the book, Emerging Churches. I'm interested to see what he thinks. The evening ended with just Josh, Lisa, Brooke and I sitting in our living room talking, dreaming, laughing... living. I was reminded of how much I love sharing my life with these three. We have become more than a team or a community. The four of us are truly family now. I couldn't do this with just anyone. I need my wife and I need Josh and Lis' to do this healthy. They are my best friends and I am frickin' proud to say that.

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