February 1, 2006

pssst... pass it on!

Just in case you haven't heard yet...

Saturday, February 4th at 7pm

The Hawthorn House brings you a singer/songwriter extrodinaire

Ryan Sharp
Matt Casper of Hell Yeah!
- and -
Matt Thompson

at 3143 Hawthorn Street, San Diego.

Pass the word along. Hope to see you there.


joel said...

first, that is by far and away, one of my favorite lines by Fugazi. You are wise.

Second, i heard last night was a blast!! And that you were hammered!!! Nice.

Thanks for making my homeless friend feel welcomed. It means a lot. She doesn't smell like she used to.

Katie Harris said...

um, you best not be talking about ME, Joel. . .

And thanks again J. I had a great time. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH????

Jason Evans said...

Joel, you were missed. And, no, I was not hammered. It takes a lot more than three beers to get me tipsy.

Katie, it was so awesome to see you there. Brooke and I were stoked to see you. You and Eliot are always welcome in our home... I didn't think you smelled bad. :)

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