March 25, 2006

i have no idea why i'm posting this...

My week...
Sunday: Hang out with the kids in the morning. Mom calls, it snowed at their place, pack the kids up, have lunch with mom and dad in Temecula, the kids excitedly jump into my parents SUV and head up to winter wonderland (Matt's first time). Come home, mow the front yard, pull weeds, help Brooke get ready for dinner. Our community meets (read: church). Great time eating, talking... really making good inroads in our relationships and direction. We're going to reflect on the twelve steps for the next twelve weeks starting in April

Monday: Go to work, do my thing there, find out we're hiring a new guy to run our project on site in Oakland. Cool, I need the help... Uh, oh, does this mean I need to train him?

Tuesday: Still processing the string of emails me and Hsu have going back and forth and can't wait to talk more in person about stuff. Very stoked to be having dinner with my friend and mentor Jeff Wright on Thursday along with Brooke, Lis and Josh. Go to work, do my thing. "Jason, can you come in here." Uh, oh... yep, I was right. Come home after work, pack, eat dinner with the family, do Tuesday night w/ Dad (Brooke has her pottery class every Tuesday night), crash asleep after the kids do.

Wednesday: Get on the first flight out of SD, fly into Oakland jump in a cab and start calling everyone that I have to cancel on for the rest of the week... I HATE cancelling on people. New guy rocks, job is going good, no one is too pissed off, set up an office for the new guy, meet, schedule, call, meet, etc. Stop by the hotel to check in for 15 min. before going out to eat with our crew. Fall asleep for 10 min. Go downstairs, laugh, eat sushi, drink sake, get to know some of these guys better, walk back to hotel room, fall asleep before my head hits the pillow

Thursday: Same routine, have lunch with the new guy. He's from Romania, a Pentecostal Christian, experienced crazy persecution over there for his beliefs. The nicest guy ever. So excited to have him on our team, it's also nice not being the young guy anymore. Same stuff, get on the phone with my boss' give my approval on the guy, tele conference with them for awhile and a consultant, finish the day with new guy, a consultant and the best bbq ribs I've EVER had.

Friday: Barely slept the night before, finally go for a walk at 6am, go back and check out, walk to the job site, same routine, things are going good, boss calls, says, "we may be getting jobs in Japan, China and another in Hawaii." Holy Cow! I guess this means we're doing a good job if this client is willing to send us over there. Talk with Kelli Shearon on the phone, miss the LP family. Miss my kids and girl even more. Miss my community as well. Scramble to tie up loose ends by 3pm, head to the airport, hop on plane, get home just in time for dinner with the Casper clan at our place. Awesome time, awesome friends, awesome to see Paige with a friend her age... I'm exhausted....

And I can't sleep for some reason still at 3.30AM! I have a lot of things I've wanted to write about but I haven't had a chance and I'm almost completly brain dead right now. Sleep, PLEASE!

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