April 22, 2006

Affordable Housing in SD

Since, so many of us have been talking about this...
"Three years since taking effect, the city of San Diego's inclusionary housing ordinance has not yet met its goal of setting aside one affordable unit for every 10 homes or condos built." (link)


Trey said...

I was just reading last night in Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat" about how difficult it is to get certain corporations to act in a socially responsible way if the only impetus is the "stick" (i.e. a law saying "be good, or else!")

I think there are some parallels with the high cost of housing in SD and Southern California in general. Builder's reasonably want to make a profit on the homes they build, so perhaps the city/county/state coastal commission authorities could grant a certain percentage of "good-faith" building permit/planning permit waivers, assuming that the homes build conform to the same standards as others they are building. This could be verified with occasional spot inspections. By lowering the builder's regulatory costs, you'd be going a long ways towards enabling that builder to charge a lower price.

Anonymous said...

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