April 29, 2006


Amy and Micah left early this morning to go back to Columbus. We stayed up incredibly late last night talking with Amy. I miss them but I'm glad that they are going to be home and with their community.

We had a very full house last night for the film forum. Our friend Janell did a fabulous job guiding a conversation about it. Lots of people interested in sustainable, healthy living. Hopefully it will transfer into practical application. We're hoping to start a learning group that will get together with Janell for 8 weeks talking, learning and applying things we've learned. Several of us talked about starting community gardens in some of the poorer neighborhoods around here, more intentional communities, etc. Very exciting.

Here's another Cosby quote too:
"At the heart of each of us is a compelling hunger for ways to live and be in relationship that are genuine. Too often we choose ways that enslave rather than free us, and so it is with churches as well." - N. Gordon Cosby

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eric keck said...

dig the quote... good to hear about the film fest

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