April 28, 2006


Amy and Micah Palmer are staying with us right now. Brooke took them and the kids to LegoLand yesterday. We all got to hang out last night and the girls went to M-Theory later on... I always wanted to take Palmer there. It's been good to see them.

Tonight, we're hosting a film forum at our house. You should come. It will be awesome. Food, film, conversation... Mmmm, I'll have some of that.

Until then, I read this wonderful poem in this book, Living in the Margins by Terry A. Veiling:

A Meeting
a community of friends
all their antennae out
weaving together a fabric of agreement
how much listening can a room hold?
in a sea of ambiguity
each one takes a turn
catching a thread of clarity
and offering it to the rest
caring sensitive fingers
probing the tangle of ideas
sorting the threads
tying loose ends
holding the pattern-that-might-be
in the mind's eye
the skill and the patience
intelligence and creativity
of a dozen lovers
building with fine familiar tools
in an uncharted land

- Pamela Haines, from Building United Judgment

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Paul Fromont said...

Great poem Jason. Thanks for sharing it.


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