April 26, 2006

this makes me sad...

Sometime this week, our main store in South Park- the original store that started it all- will have "For Lease" signs in the windows. We've been in discussions with our landlords over the past year regarding the extension of our lease and at the end of it all, it just didn't make good business sense for us to agree to the substantial increase. For us, we've known the probability of reaching an agreement and being able to stay in this location was very slim, which is why we opened up the amazing new store in Mission Hills. We're excited beyond belief about how great that has gone so far and of course, the Annex has been a gem of an addition in South Park. With the main store's lease not being renewed, we plan to consolidate this store into the Annex and the Mission Hills stores. With that being said, the exciting part about this is that we are now open to looking for a new neighborhood suitable for another M-Theory location. So, with the sad news of the main store closing, there's a great opportunity for us to expand elsewhere.
From the M-Theory weekly e-mail. At least we'll still have the Annex.


Mike said...

Broken link for M-Theory page.

Jason Evans said...

it's fixed now. thanks, mike

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