May 26, 2006

I met with Sarah from Floresta today. I like what they are doing. I like even more that they are local. We had a bit of a brainstorming session, thinking of some creative ways to possibly work together. Could be fun.

Some long time friends and former bandmates of mine, played their farewell show last night. Brooke's parents had the kids so Brooke and I got to hang out, do some shopping together, grab some dinner and then head to the show w/ Aragon. It was fun. Exciting things are happening with some old friends of ours. I can foresee some cool Kingdom things in the future. How interesting that, once again, the death of one (a band in this case) brings to life something fresh and new (renewed friendships... and kingdom partnerships I think). Our Creator works in mysterious ways.

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Eric Lee said...

Awesome. I actually know two people that work there. One of them is a pretty good friend of mine named Chelsea. They put on a show sometime last year at PLNU and a few bands played there where the entrance fee to the concert was a Floresta donation. Great company.



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