June 13, 2006

the bite

As folks have seen my battle wound the common response has been, "Dude, you've gotta put that on your blog!" As gross as it is, here you go:

It doesn't look that bad any more but there it is. I went out around 10:30 pm to take some trash out to the cans in the alley. A guy rode by on his bike with this massive pit on a leash. As he passed, we said "hi" to each other. I walked over to the trash cans, dropped in the trash. I heard the guy scream, turned to see what was happening and there was the dog. It jumped up on me, latched on and jerked me sideways. I remember thinking, "Just don't fall down!" It happened so fast. I yelled at the dog, swung at it and by that time Tasha had run out of the house, through the back yard and into the alley. She grabbed the dog (who was probably 20 lbs. bigger than her) by the back end. The dog let go of me and tried to get Tash'. Tash' lunged around and nipped at it's back end again and the dog took off. I yelled at the guy, "Dude, your fucking dog just bit me!" He jumped on his bike and took off. Tasha started chasing the dog down the alley but Melvin was out there by that time and coaxed Tash' into coming back.

This is Tasha. Now everyone loves our dog. We pray, "Saint Tasha, protect us..." Just kidding. But we are very greatful for our ol' girl. She's an awesome dog. Now, Matty-boy sits on her back as she lays on the floor every night, pets her and says, "Tash, you good girl. You save Daddy." It's very cute.

Well, there's a lot of other interesting things going on. But everyone here thought I should share that with the blog world. More later.


Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Wow. That troubles me in so many ways............. Hope you're feeling better. Geesh. Bad dog.

Steve said...

Dude, you're such a legend. I'm sorry that happened, but geez, what a manly battle wound, eh? Not worth it I'm sure.

We miss you guys. We miss Tasha too - rad dog you've got there.

Ryan said...

Wow, that is quite the wound. Glad you're OK. That's so lame that the guy on the bike road away.

Unknown said...

I have never feared a dog before in my life but that is terrifying. I am glad to hear you are alright and good for Tasha.

+ Alan said...

Dude, seriously, that's a nasty looking bite. Glad your doing better. Geee whiz! St. Tasha indeed. And I love that you wrote what you actually said to the guy on your blog - ha! Classic.

Christy said...

Long time Canadian reader here. :)

Yikes....nasty. Are you laying any charges against the owner?

Wendy Cooper said...

Thanks goodness for Tasha and I both horrified at how bad that looks and yet happy it wasn't worse. We are praying for quick healing. I also second Alan in saying, I love the uncensored blog post.

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