June 28, 2006

fireflies in the impenetrable darkness...

Last Sunday, our Lisa (who is one of our housemates, best friends and a part of our faith community) helped organize an art show, concert and fundraiser for a friend of ours who is going to Ughanda to set up a music therapy program for kids who've been in the military or prostitution. If you're familiar with the Invisible Children documentary and campaign you know what this is all about. It was a great night. Our local coffee shop, Rebecca's, which hosted the event, was packed! Lis' asked if I would donate something to the art show and auction. This is the piece I submitted... and it sold! I've never sold a piece of art before, so, that's kind of cool. The proceeds will help our friend get instruments for the kids and other materials once she hits the ground in Ughanda.

A few people asked me what this piece is called. I've called it "Sin". I don't know why. That's just the word that came to mind when I drew it. I guess the new owner can call it whatever they want. I used colored pencils on a mat board to create it.

The family and I had spent the greater part of Sunday with my grandfather, my dad and his family. This photo was taken a few months when all four generations of Evans were together. My grandfather is dying. At 87 his body is just slowly quitting on him. It was cool to sit with him for what was most likely one last time. My dad's parents exuded a constant passion for the mission of God's people. They were incredibly ecumenical having been members of Lutheran, Assembly of God and Baptist congregations in the different places and phases of their long life together. My grandfather knew that Brooke and I have chosen to be "missionaries" to our own culture. I got the chance to let him know that he passed on that passion to me.

Yes, it is sad. But my grandfather is very peaceful and calm right now. And he is still here. He is awake every once and awhile. He look at you for a little while. He will smile, hold your hand and listen. He's a good man. My grandmother is good as well. She has a confidence and peace that is amazing right now. My dad and mom, who live with and care for my grandparents, are also doing really well considering. They are prepared for this. Monday my dad made all the arrangements for when the time comes. For all of that, I am happy and also at peace with this.

Joel and Emily Shenk came down for the night from Pasadena. Joel works with the Center for Anabaptist Leadership. CAL is developing an Urban Corp program in L.A. and they are going to send groups down on weekends where we will get to share stories with students in their program and expose them to things like the maqueladoras (sweatshops) in Tijuana and those working for the workers' rights there, the different friends from the refugee communities in City Heights, Pam and the Street Light people working with the homeless in SD, etc. I'm excited about this. Josh and I have been trying to find ways to bring awareness, honor and resources to people who we believe are doing grassroots Kingdom stuff in San Diego. This is a cool chance to do that.

So, lots of good stuff going on. Brooke and I are gettting involved with a group of people who want to get some urban, community gardens started here in our neighborhood. Hopefully, we'll be able to learn a ton and figure out the most cost-effective, healthy ways to do this so that when we're ready we can start trying to help some of the poorer urban neighborhoods learn how to do this for themselves as well. Shawn, Marcos and North Hills Church in Oceanside, have committed to help us with the Friends of Isa project. We hope to get something rolling in August. Josh is working with our friends from Mission Gathering to put on some more art shows and concerts. The first will be Dustin Kensrue from Thrice doing an acoustic set. Nice.

I would have flown Palmer into town for that. He loved Thrice. I miss that big guy really bad. Some friends of ours are in Laos right now. In an e-mail to us they wrote, "Our lights are like the glow of fireflies in the impenetrable darkness of night. Ask that they would be torches..." I like that. What great metaphor. Palmer was a torch. A friggin' tall, ever-hopeful torch in Chuck Taylors. I want to be like that... I don't need to be any taller though.

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Kelli said...

you've been a light (in chuck taylors) in my life. in the three months that i've known you you've taught me a lot. you've impacted blinn's life as well as your family at landing place. fear not my friend, you are making an impact and its more than just the flicker of a firefly.

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