June 4, 2006

too much to tell...

Haven't had the chance to blog lately... for good reasons. Go visit Brooke's new blog to catch up on some things. A few things:

- I got attacked by a pitbull in the alley behind our house on Thursday. Our pitbull, Tasha, ran out to my rescue and probably saved me from getting a worse injury. A visit to the ER late at night (a story in and of itself), a tetnis shot and thorough cleaning of the wound and I'm okay. Terribly soar and stiff (the dog locked onto my stomach) but I'm okay.

- Our house has been full of guests lately. Kelli from LP is visiting. Fez and Mandy were here last week. Jen visited from LP as well. The Sharps were in town. Mark is here from Vegas. Good people. Good times.

- Jim Henderson was just in town for a visit. He and my friend, Matt, are writing a book together. Matt also contributed to the book, A Sinners Guide To The Evangelical Right.

- The guys in our community are reading Life Together by Bonhoeffer. Good stuff.

- I have one more paper to write for my SUM class and I'll have that finished. Stoked on that. Great class. I love school.

- Paige has a dance recital next week.

- Matt wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up.

Go to Brooke's blog to catch up on the rest. Later.


mark said...

dang man.
a pit bull latch onto your stomach!
are you kidding me? wow. I'm guessing you are very sore. I can't imagine.

Hope you heal quickly.


Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Good Lord!

Marsh said...

well . . . atleast he latched onto your stomach and not down yonder . . . CRAZY

I'm re-reading Life Together as well, downright dangerous reading material there.

missin' ya bro.

beth wacome keck said...

regarding the pitbull - I hate it when that happenes ..

beth wacome keck said...

i meant to spell "happens" ... and was not elablorating on Chris's comment...

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