July 14, 2006

this one's for keck

So, several months ago, Brooke and I traded in the SUV and got a Honda Hybrid. We're very happy with it. Especially with gas prices and of course, our initial desire to do this was birthed from a concern for our environment (that and the Sharp's completly sold us on the idea). But for those of my friends that make working on cars an art form, what do you do?! Check out what LA Weekly had today:

"Despite the reputation electric vehicles have as poky little wagons for hippies and old people, the electric muscle car has been around for a while. There’s even a National Electric Drag-Racing Association (NEDRA) devoted to high-performance electrics. In 1998, San Dimas–based engineer Alan Cocconi of AC Propulsion introduced the first version of his sun-yellow tZero roadster, featured on the cover of this paper in 2002, which does 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, leaving Ferrari F355s in the smoke off its tires. Amateur race-car constructor Ian Wright took the tZero’s three-phase AC induction motor and fitted it to a British street-legal race car, the Ariel Atom, and managed to get all the way to 112 miles per hour in first gear. (Electric motors are renowned for their torque — Chong’s Olds won’t even need a transmission.) Wright has now joined a Silicon Valley team to produce the Tesla Roadster, a high-end all-electric sports car with a battery range of up to 250 miles." more

Here's two more articles worth reading as well:
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