September 5, 2006

get mad

"Here is the real lesson of the story of Jesus, the main myth of our Christian culture: oppose us and we will kill you, speak to us of love and we will nail you to a cross. We will deify your image and ignore your words. Within the span of three generations, your precious people will be killing each other in your name."
- Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words

I am reading Derrick's book and I am enjoying it. I shared this quote with someone recently and was asked if it made me angry with the author. Do statements like this make me angry or offend me? No. The point is to listen to it, recognize that a lot of people in the world interpret Christendom in this manner. If that be the case... what is it that you can change? Take back what it means to follow Jesus from those that would prefer to use it as a guise for their greedy agendas. Don't get mad at those pointing at the glaring flaws of our faith... get mad at those that gave them good reason to say something in the first place. And do something about it. Take away the mic they hold, stop buying their books and music, participate in creating a new paradigm for following Jesus... practice the spiritual discipline of kicking the money changers out of the temple.

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Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Amen...and amen.

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