September 23, 2006

spencer burke in san diego

Spenc will be speaking tomorrow morning at Mission Gathering. I've been reading his latest book, A Heretics Guide To Eternity. I'm looking forward to hearing Spencer talk about this stuff in front of an audience. I haven't been able to get very deep into the book yet due to my long list of reading for school (and tendency to pick up several other books all at once). But from what I've been able to gather so far, Spencer is drawing the line in the sand on spirituality and religion. I agree with many of his points but find the ways he uses to define these two things-which he identifies as opposing each other-as kind of grey and not always that clear. That said, I think this make shake up some folks to think differently that more academic texts may not due to the accessibility of Spenc's language... more later. See you tomorrow morning.

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